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I keep thinking about the Rage aspect. I really want to know more about it! Gamzee is a terrible example, because of his sopor shenanigans and also the fact that he’s a Bard, the “wild card” class.

Most of what I’ve read theorizes that Rage is control over anger, which makes sense. But that seems like such a cool aspect!! Like, a Knight of Rage could go berserker status to weaponize their rage; a Seer of Rage would know just what to say or do to piss people off, making their foes unstable and reckless and thus easier to defeat; a Thief of Rage would absorb and steal enemy’s anger, which would both give the Thief more power (berserker status) and also take away their enemy’s urge to fight.


I don’t think Rage needs to be the “angry person” aspect. I mean, it can be, sure, but it can also mean that you know how to push peoples’ buttons and rile them up. I think it’s more of a “control over anger” than “anger itself.”


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